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Guaranteed quality

since more than 20 years..

..we develop and distribute our electronic performance optimizations nationally and internationally. A close-knit partner network is available for all aspects of advice on installation to return arms in a vehicle exchange services. Competent partners can help at all locations with the same qualified know-how. Every performance optimization is developed on the dynamometer in the company's headquarter in Koblenz.

Picture 20 Jahre Wetterauer

Your individual optimizaition for your vehicle is mailed from our partners always to the headquarter in Koblenz and adapted there by Frank Wetterauer on the appropriate software version. So we can guarantee the high quality standard and offer many years guarantee on the optimization. More than 70,000 vehicles have already been tuned up from Wetterauer. The original of Wetterauer has the best reputation in the automotive industry.

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quality commitment

we feel responsible for you

We are convinced of our products! Therefore, we will give you a 5 year warrantie on our software. In addition, we offer a variety of warranties to keep your vehicle safe: The Wetterauer Premium or Wetterauer tuning guarantee.
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base warranty

1 year warranty up to 100,000 km

The tuning guarantee is our long-standing basic warranty. You have the possibility to get a warranty up to 4 years on engine, transmission and propulsion - in addition to the factory warranty, it covers Tuning damages. For the Tuning Warranty you can also take a mobility insurance, which applies to Germany as well in other European countries and neighboring countries to the Mediterranean sea.

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tuning warranty

leaves no wish unfulfilled

With our Premium Warranty we are one of the few tuners on the market that can offer a premium warranty for its superior overall balance. At the conclusion your vehicle can be up to 4 years old and u can complete it up to 3 years. Whether the damage is through the tuning process or not, at the Premium Warranty it does not matter. The insurance takes care of the regulation.

only the best

We use only the best components for you

Thats what our customers say

Satisfaction is our highest priority
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parts certificate

..to the vehicle's registration papers

The recording in the vehicle documents is made possible by our parts certificate or individual approvals. Parts certificate are certificates that are edited by technical services such as Type testings to create and certify compliance with current legislation. In case of performance optimizations for example, Exhaust gas quality, performance, top speed and pass-by noise is measured and compared with the limits of emission standards such as EURO6 tested. With wheels, among others, the strength will be tested. Part certificates and technical vehicle inspections are for your safety, because we want that you are always safe on the road.

The TÜV approval you get issued and handed out by us on the chassis number of your vehicle, then you can make the recording in the registration papers to any technical service.

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