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electronic power upgrade

More power - less consumption! This is what we call Intelligent Performance. The elegant encroachment in the configuration of the engine control unit released unimagined power reserves from the engine. With no side effects!

In the last 20 years we have brought more than 70,000 cars more quickly on the road. The customers are enthusiastic. The passage and the top speed are significantly improved!

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    DSG optimization by professionals

    perfected switching times

    The DSG optimizes the transmission software properly optimized to our performance increase. Switching times, torque threshold and speed limiter get adapted to the new performance parameters. Both switching times as well as the response time of the shift paddles are shortened, Launch Control and forced upshift be on the new optimal set speed range and the switching times in D shifted slightly upward to allow for both a sporty and also economical driving. Through the whole package, the car clearly more harmonious, more agile, accelerated moves faster and reaches

    Picture DSG Optimierung

    depending on tires and weight, through the higher maximum speed, greater speed to secure a harmonious flow and realize the maximum torque perfectly able, especially at high end sports versions and special tuning in the 2.0 TSI / TFSI range to adapt the recommended transmission software.
    We offer optimizations for following DSG gears :
    - DQ250, 6-Gear DSG (1.9TDI, 2.0TDI, 1.4TFSI, 1.8TFSI, 2.0TFSI, 3.2FSI,...)
    - DQ200, 7-Gear DSG (1.2TSI, 1.4TSI, 1.6TDI,...)
    - DQ500,DL501, 7-Gear DSG (2.0TDI, 3.0TDI, 2.5TFSI, 3.0TFSI, 4.2FSI,...)

    Performance Parts

    The inner and outer values

    For a perfect vehicle belongs more as only power. Therefore we offer you individually and well-matched the corresponding axle and the chassis as well as the exhaust system for your personal needs.

    The market is large. We support you with our experience of the past 20 years to find the appropriate tuning, whether you want to the Nordschleife, want to make mountain race or simply cruising. Contact us !

    Picture Abgasanlagen
    Picture Luftfilter
    Picture Felgen
    Picture Fahrwerk

    Electronics & Software

    Solutions for Cut Off, EGR, DPF, AdBlue and performance measurement

    Whether you retrofit an exhaust system that affects the measurement signal of the second lambda probe or operate a car or truck in a foreign country where there is no supply AddBlue .. here we have the solution for you! We can turn off the so-called Cat Monitoring, ie the system which monitors the function of the catalyst through the second lambda probe. Or we can turn off the DPF monitoring, and the exhaust gas recirculation system to prevent damage caused by coking.

    WWe also offer Insoric Real Power, a power meter with an accuracy of about 1%. It is glued to the wheel hub of each car or truck and the vehicle accelerates. About the time-distance equation can be determined by this precise measurement performance.

    Picture Active Exhaust Sound
    Active Exhaust Sound
    Picture Tacho Anpassung/Eichung
    Tacho Anpassung/Eichung
    Picture Tacho Anpassung/Eichung
    Picture elektronische Tieferlegung
    elektronische Tieferlegung
    Picture elektronische Tieferlegung
    Picture Zusatzsteuergeräte
    Picture Mobiler Leistungsprüfstand Realpower
    Mobiler Leistungsprüfstand Realpower
    Picture Dpf/AddBlue Off Software
    Dpf/AddBlue Off Software
    Picture Kat Off Software
    Kat Off Software
    Picture Start/Stop Off Software
    Start/Stop Off Software

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    Eco Tuning for commercial vehicles

    electronic performance optimization for trucks, tractors

    Each of our chips are an increase in performance and eco chip simultaneously. Because with the optimized Wetterauer software the customer saves with appropriate driving fuel. As the turbo-diesel engines and turbocharged petrol engines more torque is available, a lower operation is possible. The driver can thus earlier switch to the next higher gear. Fuel consumption and engine speed are in direct conection - because the engine speed in the higher gear is lower, Wetterauer-optimized vehicles can be moved fuel-efficient. At the engine speed at which bears the maximum torque, the engine also works most effectively. The efficiency of the fuel injected in relation to the converted power is particularly high, the power output is optimally in relation to fuel consumption.

    The example calculation is as follows:
    In the event of a reduction of only 7,5 % to 100 km results in a reduction of: (At approx. 30 L/100 km) – 2,25 L/100 km, 1.350 L/60.000 km With a mileage of 60,000 km per year you save 1,890 € of fuel per year! (1,40 €/1 L Diesel) In view of constantly increasing fuel and toll costs a further argument for DIGITAL PERFORMANCE of Wetterauer.

    Find your commercial vehicle

    ⦁ A leader in the development and technology
    ⦁ First-class references
    ⦁ Noticeable torque increase, which allows an earlier upshift
    ⦁ More power, less fuel consumption (same driving provided)
    &#D-10625; You can use our optimization 4 weeks as a test

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